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My name is Victor Hugo Garcia, and my story begins when I moved to the USA in 2008. I had come from Peru to explore this side of America with $120 in my name.

With so little money, i knew that I would need to find work right away, and so that is what I did. I began work as a painter. I believed wholeheartedly in the chance that i had as an immigrant, the chance of a bright future in the “Land of the Free.” My hard work and sacrifice paid off and I will always be grateful for the great opportunity this country gave to me.

In 2012, I injured my right knee and had to undergo surgery and stop working. During my recovery, I decided that i would start my own business. It was out of my misfortune that I established VH Construction LLC in 2013. my injury turned out to have been a blessing in disguise as I soon found my niche in the remodeling industry. I had a passion for building especially for remodeling and a great eye for detail, with vision and a really innovative flair.

By the time that my new company was born, I was very lucky that I had a family who knew the value of hard work. I was taught that to succeed at anything you always have to work hard, be persistent and resourceful, and always be ready to think outside the box. From its beginnings, born out of a family man’s determination to support his family, VH Construction grew steadily, developed and became known for the highest values; values that we still have at the heart of everything we do.

Our values are Discipline, Honesty and Taking Action. those are values that begin deep in the foundation of our family, extend to you and your family and continue through our VH Construction TEAM. Every single one of our customers are valued, respected and can always feel confident in their dealings with us. We know that it is our customers who have given us the success that we enjoy today. Our values are family values, and our clients are our family.

My parents always nurtured and encouraged me to work hard and to achieve new goals and I do that constantly. I have my own family now and my wife is supportive, my rock, and is with me every step of the way. Through all my successes and even through all my failures, we have stayed strong as a family. I have four kids and I hope that I will instill in them the same values that I was brought up with I came to America to give them all a bright future. I succeeded through hard work and through staying strong as a family.

Everyone at VH Construction TEAM has been handpicked because they share our values and are part of ‘the family.’ They have helped us succeed and together we have grown to where we are today. They have supported us and taught us through their own experience, and together we are all still excited to be on the most amazing ride of our lives.

Fourteen years later, it’s amazing to look back at that time and see how we have grown into a well-recognized local company with many satisfied customers. and all thanks to our family, loyal team and friends we gained on the way to success. This is our story. if this has inspired someone, please share our story with others.

Thank you from our entire TEAM at VH Construction!